Playoffs will begin Week 14. See the message board for details.

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I'm #1, I'm #1!!!
Slayers he who laughs first finishes last.
Fords Folly is in for 2007
Anyone know how to contact the dead beats???
Vacations and Draft
It's time for me to step down...
I'm in for 2007....
I'm in for 2007
OH Yeah, I'm all over this, your ass's are goin' down.
I'm back for 2007
Hey Commish when does the draft start
Just checking in to see when we are supposed to
Ok, now are we getting this road on the show??;^)
Berserkers are back
Keepers or not???
Choose your keepers...
draft order and extra picks
Draft Picks and Order...
How long will vick be in the banner?
I didn't make my last 4 picks!!
Something I do not understand...
TL, are you online???
Waiver wire / free agents
Waiver wire problem from last year
Thank You all...
It's 10---0----04 and
scoring seems a little weird
Scoring and standings fixed...
How the waiver wire works...
Ummm, which games are we playing this week??
Brandon Jacobs
Holy shit, I won!!!
Well damn
Week 6 is a bust.
Interesting League Statistic
Excuse Me.
Great day to play 2
How do i compete with
Submit your lineup.
I want to lose this week...
To the Slayers
Umm, we have a problem Houston!!
Playoffs begin next week...
RIP Sean Taylor.....
Playoffs explained...
Meet me in Mauri